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Sunday, 5 December 2010


Thanks for all the love & support groovers.

I'm officially offline, and gone..... 

See ya!!!


the coelacanth said...

shit. sad to see you go. though i never left a comment before, i'm an avid reader of your blog. intelligent, well-written, and affecting, borderline is one of the highlights for me online. hope to see you back in some form before long. take care,

stonerphonic said...

Thanks heaps Joe.

I'll keep stirring the pot on that thar blog of yours mate, but I've got big life changes happening and BORDERLINE has to take more than a backseat. I don't devote any time to writing on here anymore, and altho i'll still check out blogs i follow & drop comments, i thought it best to let BORDERLINE readers know i'm not posting on here anymore.

thanks for dropping by.

see ya over on the Film Buff Blog!!!

Toko Murah said...

im so sad because this blog is closed now T_T

Tas murah

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