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Sunday, 30 May 2010

FILM REVIEW - Night of Fear (1972)

Long before Wolf Creek or SAW... there was Night of Fear.

Hell, long before Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Australia came out with a psychological "chase" thriller that beat Hooper on the deranged backwater dead animal lovin' weapon wielding maniac stakes by a good 2 years. Chainsaws? pffft... just give me a shovel...

Originally banned by censors for 'indecency' back in 1972, and unseen now for over 30 years, this vintage piece of Australian horror cinema it is believed by some to be the 1st real example of a 'modern' Aussie horror movie (Wake in Fright is probably sighted as the 1st by most reviewers).  Thanks to Umbrella Horror DVD, it has been carefully restored from original prints and released to DVD.


It must be said straight up that this is an independent experimental lo-budget cinema release from 1972. It is first and foremost a period piece of Australian independent cinema, so don't go into it expecting Wolf Creek, otherwise you will be disappointed. But if you want to see where Wolf Creek, SAW and even Texas Chainsaw Massacre's inspiration came from, with shades of Willard and Ben thrown in for the animal lover in us all, then you've come to the right movie...

Oh yes, there will be rats!!!

As far as horror movies are concerned, this falls into your typical psychological chase thriller category. Unfortunately, a lot of the first quarter of the movie is spent on non-related events that do nothing for the actual story at hand. Again, this was experimental film making in the early 70's, and the movie itself was originally meant to be a pilot for a television series called FRIGHT. FRIGHT never went into production, presumably due to the censorship issues surrounding Night of Fear. This also explains the films 54 minute running time during a period when most motion pictures clocked in at 90 minutes plus.

Despite the slow start, once the build up of hysteria begins, you can certainly feel the horror/ chase atmosphere creeping in through some very clever cinematography work, and some very unique set design. This ramps right up about the three quarter mark when we enter the cabin of the movie's antagonist, and meet with all manner of hoarded perversions strewn throughout his ramshackled abode. This movie, despite its age, had a plethora of risqué subject matter and content that certainly provided a solid base for experimental and creative cinema of all genres both in Australia and abroad. That alone makes Night of Fear worthy of consideration for all serious horror aficionados.


Basically, we've got your deranged and reclusive cabin in the woods brand of psychopath who delights in dismembering unwary travellers, and keeps company with a massive colony of rats that have been raised on fresh meat and blood. Along comes the movie's damsel in distress, decked out symbolically in Little Red Riding Hood red, crashes the the car after being run off the road by a passing truck, and ends up being the target for said psychopath as she runs, screaming, through the Australian outback bush.

And be prepared for a lot of screaming, because it's the only dialogue in the movie apart from grunts and really weird noises by the psychopath, and the sounds made by blood hungry rats. Nobody speaks at all for the entire 54 minutes the film runs.

There's only 2 kills all up in the movie (human kills that is. there's a lot of horse heads hanging from trees, so animal lovers be warned), neither of which has any visual time on screen, apart from insinuation and the final scene of our damsel where the rats are eating her arm off. That doesn't mean we don't get to see any gore or disturbing visual sequences. They're in there alright, but it's no Rambo as far as body counts go. It's 1972 guys...

But there is a bit of T&A, which during the early to mid 1970's in Australia was a bit of a mainstay in our movies. And this movie was one of the 1st to try and push the envelope in this regard. Which is why it got band when originally released. By today's standards this movie would probably show less T&A than an episode of Spongebob, but hey, that's the 70's for ya... 


It feels like a 1972 movie. Bottom line. There's no CGI, no big name Hollywood A-Grade listings, but at least there's no happy ending. A ridiculous ending, but at least it's not happy. If you ever want to see THE worst police force investigators on the planet, then Night of Fear is your baby. Keep your eyes out for the skull in the cat cage... priceless.

It's hard to review such a dated piece of cinema up against today's endless outpouring of cinematic horror films, as it just won't stand a chance. But taken on its own merit, and considering the place it occupies in independent lo-budget cinema history, it does have a lot going for it. It was shot in pristine 35mm celluloid, and the quality of that really is apparent from a visual perspective. As mentioned, the set design, in particular inside the the cabin, was very inventive for its time; creepy dolls, taxidermy, newspaper murder clippings stuck to the walls. Stock standard fare now, but back then.. uh uh.

Even the musical score was a mile ahead of your standard horror feature back then. Looking at the Hammer movies, you got the same old pipe-organ style music with an orchestrated theme score and more incidental organ throughout. Night of Fear went Moog on your ass and had some very chilling sound scapes scattered throughout. Which is pretty integral considering there's no dialogue.

I must admit I enjoyed it a lot more with the commentary on, as this added a lot of time period information to the production and story behind the movie. But by the same token, even if you're not interested in the historical side of the film and just take it on as a horror film, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Night of Fear. I know I have...



Director: Terry Bourke
Writer:Terry Bourke
Starring: Norman Yemm,  Carla Hoogeveen, Mike Dorsey, Briony Behets


Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrydr60oop0
Review - http://www.michaeldvd.com.au/Reviews/Reviews.asp?ID=5989
Night of Fear - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0130905/

Written review by stonerphonic © May 2010
All rights reserved

HEROES - Part 2: Malcolm

Malcolm Little. Detroit Red. Malcolm X. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

Malcolm was an African American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human rights activist. To his admirers, he was a courageous advocate for the rights of African Americans, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans. His detractors accused him of preaching race hatred and violence. He has been described as one of the most influential African Americans of the 20th century.

I'm not going into detail about the brief but brilliant life of Malcolm X. You can do that yourselves. It's called Google.

Rather, this piece focuses on how Malcolm's life, reasoning and actions affected me.

In fact, you can sum it all up in the 1st line of this piece. Malcolm changed his name with each change in his life, his thoughts, his directions. The name itself served a particular purpose, but it wasn't what made Malcolm "Malcolm". It was a line of demarcation and meaning, but you have to drill deeper.

For me, the desire to change in itself is what i find inspiring, and what makes Malcolm 'heroic'. I don't agree with some of the directions taken or the causes he championed. And i probably need to point out right about now that I have only an academic interest in Malcolm's religious & political views. Hell, in anybodies religious & political views.

My admiration stems from the fact that when Malcolm worked out through self reflection that he was wrong, he had the humility to admit it. And the courage to change.

After he performed the hajj, Malcolm's view of white people changed. In a famous letter from Mecca, he wrote that "the white people he had met during his pilgrimage had forced him to "rearrange" his thinking about race and "toss aside some of [his] previous conclusions."" *(1)

And he had to do it all publicly.
And sometimes had to turn his back on his family and friends, because to him being 'right' was more important.
In the end more important than life itself.

And being 'right' did cost him his life.

True, a live dog is better than a dead lion, but the fact is we're all gunna die, and I'd rather die for something i believe in than to die for nothing at all. And even better to have that life and death inspire others to think and to change.

Malcolm had the right perspective on life's important issues, issues that really matter. And an understanding of the fact that realization of self, spirituality, family and community are what really counts. So altho i don't agree with certain choices made and certain beliefs Malcolm held, he had the 'template' right. And most important he had a good heart, good intentions, and put his passion into action.
So, that's the best thing i can take away from Malcolm's life to put into practice.

And that's what I'm doing now guys... following my passions.
Admittedly, there are so many highlights to his short life story, but for me the most inspiring influences about change comes from a statement Malcolm made about a white girl who wanted to help black people.  Goes like this -

"Brother, remember the time that white college girl came into the restaurant — the one who wanted to help the [black] Muslims and the whites get together — and I told her there wasn't a ghost of a chance and she went away crying? Well, I've lived to regret that incident. In many parts of the African continent I saw white students helping black people. Something like this kills a lot of argument. I did many things as a [black] Muslim that I'm sorry for now. I was a zombie then — like all [black] Muslims — I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march. Well, I guess a man's entitled to make a fool of himself if he's ready to pay the cost. It cost me 12 years." *(2)

12 years is a hella long time to fuck up your life, so I'm using Malcolm's example to try and not do the same.

And hell, the most inspiring thing for me about Malcolm is Malcolm never worried about being popular.
Malcolm worried about being Malcolm...

And I'm not worried about what you think of me or my HEROES pieces. I'm worried about being me...


NEXT WEEK: HEROES - Part 3 - Rizal

If you're still here... thank you.

Please feel free to comment on my pieces. I willingly accept constructive criticism and comments on all my work. Hell, I'll take non-constructive criticism too. It's not life or death stuff y'know...

I believe in respect. I'm not asking you to agree with anything in this piece, but please allow me to have my opinion. Remember, I openly admit I don't read other peoples stuff. Hey, you don't have to read mine, and I'm happy to let you write yours.

Did i push your buttons? If I did, then share this shit with your friends.
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* (1) Malcolm X, Autobiography, p. 391.
* (2) Gordon Parks, "Malcolm X: The Minutes of Our Last Meeting", Clarke, p. 122. 

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The words "independent film" & "horror" generally fit well together, but usually for all the wrong reasons.

As an avid indie film buff, when it comes to lo-budget DIY productions, I fall into the category of either really really loving the film, or really really hating it. For me there's no middle ground. You’ve got about 15 minutes to make your mark, draw me into your story, and it needs to hit the target dead on, or you've lost me. Way it is.

So with 5 minutes LESS than that for the entire production, how the hell does Jeremiah Kipp's short horror film CONTACT (2009) stand a chance?

Quite easily, to be honest...


Kipp has assembled all the right ingredients, had them mixed perfectly, then delivers a 10 minute opus that not only grabbed my attention from word "go", but went on to suck me fully into the drug crazed experience that drives CONTACT along, hurtling at an incredible speed.

Based on a previous Kipp film "The Pod" (2006. written by Carl Kelsch) CONTACT strips things back to a bare-bones minimum and leaves the audience with that which matters most - a damn good story told well.

That doesn't mean that things have been "skimped on" when it comes to the finished product. Quite the reverse.  In fact, I must admit I had difficulty keeping in mind that this was an independent minimum budget production. Filmed in wide-screen black & white, from the opening title sequence right through to the closing credits, you fully get the feel you’re watching a major fully bankrolled blockbuster. And there's a damn good reason why it feels this way.
Kipp knows his stuff, you can feel it throughout the film, and as stated, he's managed to assemble the right people for the right job with CONTACT. Director of Photography Dominick Sivilli has taken Kipp's story and vision and portrayed it with a visual conception that gives the punter a truly rewarding viewing experience. The cinematography and visual effects deliver as far as effective storytelling goes, and all this with minimum dialogue, and minimum bullshit. The black and white, for me personally, definitely adds value to the storytelling process of CONTACT, and creates a rich atmosphere amongst the story's drug fuelled haze to lose yourself in along the way.

Added to this mix are masterstrokes of sound from Really Horrible Music's Tom Burns. The film's musical score and post production sound effects have provided Kipp's visual nightmare with a sinister, dark undercurrent that leaves the viewer on edge, but deeply engaged, right to the very final sequence.


The story itself revolves around lovers Koreen (Zoe Daelman Chlanda) & Westy (Robb Leigh Davis) and their endeavour to draw closer thru a naked, drug fuelled love session that goes terribly, terribly wrong...

As far as visual performances go, there's so much to feast upon. The captivating Zoe Daelman Chlanda carries the story with a sense of vulnerability that implores your sympathy, and Robb Leigh Davis, downright the best piece of Hendrix/ Lynott homeslice to hit a horror flick in ages, totally won me over with his character's natural charismatic suaveness. And all this sans clothing. Yep, more than half their screen time they're starkers.

Seriously... drugs, nudity, horror... what's NOT to like?


Like I’ve already mentioned, as an indie film punter, it's either fully hit, or totally missed. Great visuals, top notch story & performances, superb soundscape (honestly, the sounds are uber-sweet), and did I mention there are drugs, horror and nudity...

For CONTACT, I’d double tap it. Easy. Consider CONTACT... fully hit. But hey, don't take my expert opinion of this film, here,  go do it yourself... http://www.contact.shroggle.com/


Produced by Alan Rowe Kelly, Bart Mastronardi
Directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Music by Tom Burns
Written by Jeremiah Kipp based on "The Pod" by Carl Kelsch
Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli
Sound Mix: Tom Burns, Really Horrible Music
Edited by Dominick Sivilli
Special Effects Makeup: Daniel J. Mazikowski
Starring:  Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Robb Leigh Davis, Katherine O'Sullivan, Tom Reid, Danny Lopes and Alan Rowe Kelly


The Pod - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0883379/
Contact - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1537732/
Contact film - http://www.contact.shroggle.com/
Jeremiah Kipp Interview - http://www.colonelscrypt.com/Interviews/Jeremiah%20Kipp/index.htm

Written review by stonerphonic © May 2010
Visuals generously provided by Jeremiah Kipp © 2009
All rights reserved

Monday, 24 May 2010

HEROES - Part 1: The Confession

I have a confession to make.

A startling revelation to share.
A secret so deep I'm almost afraid to write it all down.

Before I do tho, I have to clarify something 1st.
The pieces I write over the coming weeks are not directed to any 1 individual (you should be so lucky) or written in response to anything anyone out there has written on any site or page. Rather, it’s just another wonderful opportunity to keep people stuck in front of a PC screen to ensure the full amount sterilizing radiation contributes to a further decline in populations in western civilization.

Actually, these particularly dull and boring pieces are an opportunity for me to share, to purge, to inspire, to let you into me, and me into you. Which, to be honest, I never do... much.

So...no more mucking around...


I rarely if ever read other peoples blogs.
Or bulletins.
Or updates.

**insert dramatic musical sounds now**

There. It's out. I'm a free man.


I've tried. God knows I honestly have. But I just couldn't keep going.
I couldn't read another rant against an ex-something.
Another line about how good/ bad/ indifferent you are.
Another pointless fucking list.
Another add for some obscure dance club somewhere.
Another suck up to your friend.
Another dumb ass pass about how good your band (or your best friend's band) is.

So, I stopped reading peoples blogs + bullets + updates ages ago. And more importantly, swore on the skull of my dead grandfather not to inflict my own verbal diarrhea on others.  Hey, the world already has 2 squillion Perez Hiltons, why add to that mountain of puerile vomit?

So, what made me do THIS.
No, dude, really...

Most people on my sites and pages don't know me. At all. 

We've never met, probably never will. Even those whom I've met don't really know me. In fact half of you don't even know my real name. Which is totally unimportant anyway, and is probably another driving force behind why I'm writing now...  and that reason is... it's not who I am, but what I am that really counts.

As one of my heroes (one I've actually met) once stated "here today, gone tomorrow, don't need myself remembered. but what I help create and leave behind is important to me..." *(1)

So, if who I am is not important, and what I am is, then it goes to follow that getting to know what and who helped to make me what I am is an important step in getting to know me better.

And what's shaped me more than working on the 9 - 5 treadmill?
More than 'life' experiences?
More than lovers (and ex lovers too)?
And... OMG ...more than even MUSIC...???
Are my heroes.
Hence the titles of these pieces. 

So, how do you define what is a hero? What qualifies (or disqualifies) someone as being 'worthy' of hero status?

What makes a hero....a hero? 

***and your comment would be...*** 

Well, the definitions of hero on the Web are -

1. A man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength; "RAF pilots were the heroes of the Battle of Britain"
2. The principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
3. Champion: someone who fights for a cause
4. Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to determine the area of a triangle and who described various mechanical devices (first century)
5. (classical mythology) A being of great strength and courage celebrated for bold exploits; often the offspring of a mortal and a god
6. (Greek mythology) Priestess of Aphrodite who killed herself when her lover Leander drowned while trying to swim the Hellespont to see her
7. Bomber: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States.

Gee Google, thanks for that!!!

For me 'hero' goes much deeper. In fact, it's not really the hero per se, as much as what they do to inspire and motivate me, make me challenge myself, make me change me, that qualifies an individual as a hero for me. And in some cases it not even wot they did as much as WHY they did it. Their motives, their reasonings...
My definition obviously disqualifies from my 'hero' list pretty much every damn hero ever held up to our ever receptive faces by this world's media/ propaganda machines.

Hell, I'm pretty much unimpressed by any current public figure or organisation daily thrust into the spotlight for our entertainment & amusement. It's all just McEyeCandy ™
None of them make me want to change me, let alone rise up and make a change in my community, or even slightly aspire to an inkling of world change.

Which is probably why I don't watch TV, or see the latest install of the newest teen/ comedy/ action flick @ the movies. This sentiment is reflected again in a quote from one of my heroes - "A lethargic population is the key to our control, who'd rather watch someone's life on TV than participate in their own" *(2)

Kinda sums up for me the reason why we no longer see the heroes so prolific before the 1970s. Our eyes are now so glazed over and the constant bombardment of useless 'infotainment' has dulled us all into a state of contented inactivity. It's all too much, couldn't be bothered, and as long as I recycle my Coke cans I'll feel content in knowing I've done my bit to reduce our carbon footprint. To be honest I couldn't give a flying fuck about our alleged carbon footprint. In fact most of my heroes were long dead before this buzzword was ever conceptualized.

And whilst most of my heroes carried the altruistic torch for a cause or reason, again, I'm not interested in the torch, as much as what motivated them to carry it, and even more so, their ability to change torches when it was discerned to do so.

And that's "THE KEY

You can stuff that whole nationalistic diatribe of "my country, right or wrong" fair up your ass. What a load of crap. Again to quote one of my heroes "If you're wrong you're wrong... and if you're right you're right" *(3)

And most of my heroes had the intestinal fortitude to both stick their hands up and admit to being wrong.... and then CHANGE.
Again and again.

THAT ability is what makes my heroes "HEROES".

Reflection. Self analysis. Courage. Humility. Change.

And now I get to inflict my "HEROES" pieces upon you for the next 5 or 6 weeks.

HA!!! Sucks to be you....


NEXT WEEK: HEROES - Part 2:  Malcolm

If you're still here... thank you.

Please feel free to comment on my pieces. I willingly accept constructive criticism and comments on all my work. Hell, I'll take non-constructive criticism too. It's not life or death stuff y'know...

I believe in respect. I'm not asking you to agree with anything in this piece, but please allow me to have my opinion. Remember, I openly admit I don't read other peoples stuff. Hey, you don't have to read mine, and I'm happy to let you write yours.
(oh, ok babyporridge, I'll admit I do read yours...)

Did i push your buttons? If I did, then share this shit with your friends.
Go on, hit that forward button...

All the words & mindless ramblings in BORDERLINE (c) 2008 - 2010 stonerphonic unless otherwise stated.
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* (1) Jello Biafra. LARD - "Bozo Skeleton" Last Scream of the Missing Neighbours (Alternative Tentacles Records)
* (2) Jello Biafra. No Means No + Jello Biafra - "Bruce's Diary" The Sky is Falling and I want my Mommy (Alternative Tentacles Records)
* (3) Malcolm X. Malcolm X + Keith Le Blanc - "No Sellout" (Tommy Boy Records)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Welcome, to the dive...

My name is stonerphonic, and I am a recovering blogaholic.
It's been 20 months since my last blog...

With the termination of my stonerphonic Myspace page, my creative juices have again become stagnated. A number of people reading this would be familiar with my daily output of tortured moving nightmares waiting on your page from me when you woke up each morning. You knew when I'd been around...

Few people if any reading this would be familiar with my el-lowrider Myspace page. It was primarily a blog page, where all those visions were set out in a totally different format.


My 'day job' consists of writing. I spew forth endless words in the form of policy, protocols and procedures in the government department that owns my blackened soul. I'm a wordsmith. I write shit. All damn day. My words govern the processes that affect an entire state. My words have power. My words make a difference.

All words make a difference.

Words change us. Words keep us from changing.
Words build us up. Words tear us down.
Words can start & end wars.
Words give life... words take life away.

Words make up who we are, and altho a picture paints a thousand words, with a handful of words I can color a world beyond the imagination...

is meant to be a collection of blog posts, my thoughts & interests, divided into subsections -

The mundane, The profane, The unsane

As I spew forth my plethora of twisted ramblings, I will try to 'categorize' them within these 3 subsections. Over time I hope people will either work across all 3 sections, or latch on to a favorite section & follow that. Either way, somewhere in amongst my verbal diatribe, if nothing else, there's a piece of me for you to dissect & digest.

The mundane focuses primarily on me. About me. My own thoughts & feelings & general ramblings.

The profane is about things I'm interested in, things that capture my attention or interest in some way or another.

The unsane is just not "safe" to categorize in the other 2 areas for fear you might think I've lost the plot. Further.

I thought there's no better way to start than letting you get into my skull straight away. For the next few weeks I'll throw down a series I ran between 2007/ 2008 on my el-lowrider myspace page entitled "HEROES". And no, it's not a review of some defunct prime time television series...

Most people's thoughts, feelings and aspirations are molded & shaped by their "heroes" in life. People they admire. People they look up to. People they desire to emulate. And I'm no different. My "heroes" have definitely had an impact on who I am today. So... to get to know me in greater detail, to get to know how & why I tick, there's no better place than to look at those individuals who influenced me as i grew up. People who made me want to be the person I am today. Get to know them a bit better, get to know me a whole lot more. Maybe.

But, what EXACTLY is "HEROES". Well, it's a 6 part politically and socially incorrect barrage of mindless rantings (probably on par with a typical political debate) and full of futile and empty monologue. 

Directed at no one in particular, rather, it’s just another wonderful opportunity 2 keep people (ie. YOU) stuck in front of a pc screen 2 ensure the full amount sterilizing radiation contributes 2 a further decline in populations in western civilization.
Dude, what an altruistic way 2 thin the herd.... 

– These blog posts are totally inconsiderate of the thoughts and feelings of other living things; animal, vegetable, and mineral. 

If u are easily offended, particularly by a complete lack of social and political astuteness backed up and supported by narrow minded viewpoints and general negativity - STEER CLEAR.

Otherwise kids, hope you have fun.

O hey, please feel free to comment on my pieces. I willingly accept constructive criticism and comments on all my work. Hell, I'll take non-constructive criticism too. 
It's not life or death stuff y'know...
I believe in respect. I'm not asking you to agree with anything in this piece, but please allow me to have my opinion.

And if you don't want me to have my own opinion, then this is for you...

So, each Sunday night, get your ass comfortable, and end your week with BORDERLINE.

Starting this Sunday night (May 23th) - HEROES - Part 1: The Confession

Now, here's Tom with the weather....

All the words & mindless ramblings in BORDERLINE (c) 2008 - 2010 stonerphonic unless otherwise stated.
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