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Sunday, 3 October 2010

FILM REVIEW - Survival of the Dead (2010)


I am a self confessed George A. Romero freak.

I have quiet a number of Romero films.

I have a Dawn of the Dead AND a Night of the Living Dead T-Shirt. And I wear them with pride.

But "Survival of the Dead" was just plain and truthfully terrible. Terrible...

And it should have been done like this...

Survival of the Dead was so damn bad I didn't finish the film. I can handle Romero doing self parody. But I can't handle ANY director who doesn't even try.

And in my personal opinion, with regards Survival of the Dead, Romero didn't even try. At all.

When Romero tries to do a decent zombie film again, I'll try and do a proper film review of said zombie film...


You've GOT to be kidding me...


Directed by George A. Romero
Produced by Paula Devonshire
Written by George A. Romero
Running time 90 minutes
Release date March 15, 2010



Written review by stonerphonic © October 2010
All rights reserved


JennyB said...

I haven't seen Survival of the dead but when I do I wont have high expectations so I don't get upset. Then again a lot of people didn't like Diary of the dead but I loved it.

stonerphonic said...

Thanks JennyB. I def don't agree with everything I read, and more often than not I find myself at odds with 99% of most reviewers, but unfortunately Survival turned out to be a total stinker.

A lot of reviewers refuse to go against the grain when it comes to "big name" horror directors, choosing to go with flow so as to not upset the apple cart. And altho I LOVE Romero's films, I can't sit here and write "it was ok" or "not a bad movie" purely coz of Romero's past quality work or reputation in the horror community. I watched it (well, most of it). It sucked. I call 'em how I see 'em.

But def don't let my review put you off seeing it. I've lost count of movies with "bad/ negative reviews" I've seen and personally thought the film rocked...

Thanks heaps for stopping by!

SY said...

I don't know much about horror flicks but unfortunately when horror films suck they REALLY SUCK.. there is no in between

I have high respect for Chainsaw Massacre. I still jump

Andrew Green said...

I love Romero, but he's really gone downhill in recent years....
This one was a big disappointment.

stonerphonic said...

@SY there's def more than a few horror movies out there that are totally polarizing. they either rock or suck and there's no middle ground. glad you share my love of TCM :)

@Andrew i couldn't agree more. if i could have found some redeeming factor believe me i'd have grabbed & held on to it tooth & nail. but the reality is Survival of the Dead just plain sucked. def a damn shame...

Carl Manes said...

I was totally out on this one.. Great premise, terrible execution

stonerphonic said...

@Carl I think a lot of us had high hopes for this, and desperately wanted a return to form from Romero.

I would have much prefered Romero not tried to "pick up" from previous movies to interlink Survival to past films and just gone for a totally new Dead film.

Maybe it's time for George to bow out gracefully before the rot really sets in. I'd hate to see all his previous works get tarnished for the sake of a studio dollar...

thanks for dropping in Carl.

beedubelhue said...

Economic and wholly accurate,my friend.Ate the big fat one.


Carl Manes said...

I just wish he would move away from the zombie theme and return to other areas of Horror. Martin was a brilliant film, and The Crazies, though not perfect, hit on very important political topics of the time. Give up the fucking zombies already, that boat has sailed lol..

stonerphonic said...

Agree totally Carl. Romero has done some amazing work in other horror genres, and it really seems that the whole "Dead" series has worn paper thin. At least as far as Romero's artistic & creative output goes.

Flogging a very dead zombified horse.

OMG... I hope he doesn't go down the damn zombie animal path. KInda looked like it too in SOTD. Now THAT would be tragic...

iZombie said...

it is sad when movies get funding and then... big ol' crap.

it's not like the zombie formula is hard... zombies eat brains, people run... get caught.


stonerphonic said...

Ahaaaaa.... the key word: formula!!!

or maybe too close to the formula?

idk. where's the risk takers these days?

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