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Friday, 4 June 2010

MUSIC REVIEW - LAZARUS A.D. - "The Onslaught" (2009)

It's more than fitting to think that the almost dead Bay Area Thrash sound should be resurrected in full force by a band called LAZARUS A.D....

Ironic almost Alanis, don't you think. Bitch?


8 Fucking seconds

Hell, less. Within a moment of catching the blistering lead notes from album opener "Last Breath" I was instantly, and totally, addicted to the sounds of Bay Area Thrash all over again. Even more so by the time I made it to the title track, tracks 5 & 6, in particular track 5 "The Onslaught Pt. 1 - Revolution". I've had that 1 track spinning now for about 5 weeks solid. And whenever I drop a LAZARUS A.D. Youtube link around the place, you guessed it, it's the link to Revolution.

THRASH OR DIE is the motto of Wisconsin based LAZARUS A.D. and after repeated spins of their 1st long player "The Onslaught", you know these boys mean that shit for real. Damn it, if these guys aren't the deserving bastard love-child of Metallica and Slayer I'll start listening to Justin Beiber. THAT'S how fuckin seriously LAZARUS A.D. and The Onslaught has impressed me.

Fast, furious, brutal, infectious, and just plain rockin the motherfuck out is the best way to describe the aural assault delivered direct to your earholes by the 10 track metal barrage.


Dan Gapen- Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Jeff Paulick- Lead Vocals/ Bass
Alex Lackner- Guitar
Ryan Shutler- Drums

LAZARUS A.D. formed in Wisconsin in the spring of 2005. While LAZARUS A.D. is a thrash metal band, their sound isn't a simple throwback to the 80s bay area sound. They breathe a breath of fresh air into modern thrash with intelligent lyrics, memorable riffs, thrash breakdowns, mid-tempo grooves, and high-flying solos.
The band began work on their first full length album in January of 2007. Recorded and engineered by Chris Djuricic (Soil, November’s Doom, Michael Angelo Batio) at Studio One, and mastered by James Murphy (Death, Testament). During this time LAZARUS A.D. was approached by Earache Records to submit a track for an upcoming metal compilation. From The Onslaught, album opener "Last Breath" was one of the 16 songs chosen to appear on Thrashing Like A Maniac, and they were the only unsigned band on the entire compilation! The Onslaught was originally released by the band in 2007 and only 1,000 copies were pressed, then, in 2008, LAZARUS A.D. received a call from Metal Blade Records. The Onslaught was then completely re-mixed and re-mastered by James Murphy and saw worldwide release through Metal Blade Records in March 2009.

Since then the band has been furiously touring and promoting "The Onslaught", and it's only a matter of time before we see what LAZARUS A.D. is truly made of. I'd say metal...



I make no secrets about my absolute love for this album. It started out perfect, and just got better and better with each track. All killer and no filler isn't even close. And that, for me, IS the mark of any great album. If i never have to hit FF or skip, you know it's on the money. Hell, I have trouble turning off album repeat on this. 

Stand out cuts for me were Last Breath, Thou Shall Not Fear, Revolution, and Absolute Power. I strongly encourage you to support these hardworking Wisconsin boys, go out NOW and buy this album, and when they're next in town, get off your lazy ass and spend a dollar to keep real metal alive.



LABEL: Metal Blade Records 
GENRE: Thrash/ Groove Metal
ALBUM: The Onslaught (2007 & 2009)


1.    Last Breath                                    
2.    Thou Shall Not Fear                     
3.    Damnation For The Weak          
4.    Every Word Unheard                     
5.    The Onslaught Pt. 1 - Revolution    
6.    The Onslaught Pt. 2 - Rebirth      
7.    Lust                                             
8.    Forged In Blood                          
9.    Absolute Power                               
10.  Who I Really Am                           


Written review by stonerphonic © June 2010
All rights reserved

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