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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Welcome, to the dive...

My name is stonerphonic, and I am a recovering blogaholic.
It's been 20 months since my last blog...

With the termination of my stonerphonic Myspace page, my creative juices have again become stagnated. A number of people reading this would be familiar with my daily output of tortured moving nightmares waiting on your page from me when you woke up each morning. You knew when I'd been around...

Few people if any reading this would be familiar with my el-lowrider Myspace page. It was primarily a blog page, where all those visions were set out in a totally different format.


My 'day job' consists of writing. I spew forth endless words in the form of policy, protocols and procedures in the government department that owns my blackened soul. I'm a wordsmith. I write shit. All damn day. My words govern the processes that affect an entire state. My words have power. My words make a difference.

All words make a difference.

Words change us. Words keep us from changing.
Words build us up. Words tear us down.
Words can start & end wars.
Words give life... words take life away.

Words make up who we are, and altho a picture paints a thousand words, with a handful of words I can color a world beyond the imagination...

is meant to be a collection of blog posts, my thoughts & interests, divided into subsections -

The mundane, The profane, The unsane

As I spew forth my plethora of twisted ramblings, I will try to 'categorize' them within these 3 subsections. Over time I hope people will either work across all 3 sections, or latch on to a favorite section & follow that. Either way, somewhere in amongst my verbal diatribe, if nothing else, there's a piece of me for you to dissect & digest.

The mundane focuses primarily on me. About me. My own thoughts & feelings & general ramblings.

The profane is about things I'm interested in, things that capture my attention or interest in some way or another.

The unsane is just not "safe" to categorize in the other 2 areas for fear you might think I've lost the plot. Further.

I thought there's no better way to start than letting you get into my skull straight away. For the next few weeks I'll throw down a series I ran between 2007/ 2008 on my el-lowrider myspace page entitled "HEROES". And no, it's not a review of some defunct prime time television series...

Most people's thoughts, feelings and aspirations are molded & shaped by their "heroes" in life. People they admire. People they look up to. People they desire to emulate. And I'm no different. My "heroes" have definitely had an impact on who I am today. So... to get to know me in greater detail, to get to know how & why I tick, there's no better place than to look at those individuals who influenced me as i grew up. People who made me want to be the person I am today. Get to know them a bit better, get to know me a whole lot more. Maybe.

But, what EXACTLY is "HEROES". Well, it's a 6 part politically and socially incorrect barrage of mindless rantings (probably on par with a typical political debate) and full of futile and empty monologue. 

Directed at no one in particular, rather, it’s just another wonderful opportunity 2 keep people (ie. YOU) stuck in front of a pc screen 2 ensure the full amount sterilizing radiation contributes 2 a further decline in populations in western civilization.
Dude, what an altruistic way 2 thin the herd.... 

– These blog posts are totally inconsiderate of the thoughts and feelings of other living things; animal, vegetable, and mineral. 

If u are easily offended, particularly by a complete lack of social and political astuteness backed up and supported by narrow minded viewpoints and general negativity - STEER CLEAR.

Otherwise kids, hope you have fun.

O hey, please feel free to comment on my pieces. I willingly accept constructive criticism and comments on all my work. Hell, I'll take non-constructive criticism too. 
It's not life or death stuff y'know...
I believe in respect. I'm not asking you to agree with anything in this piece, but please allow me to have my opinion.

And if you don't want me to have my own opinion, then this is for you...

So, each Sunday night, get your ass comfortable, and end your week with BORDERLINE.

Starting this Sunday night (May 23th) - HEROES - Part 1: The Confession

Now, here's Tom with the weather....

All the words & mindless ramblings in BORDERLINE (c) 2008 - 2010 stonerphonic unless otherwise stated.
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The Floating Red Couch said...

hotmail? really? C'mon stoner -- freeking gmail with the kewl kidz

stonerphonic said...

do i LOOK kewl? really? c'mon...

The Floating Red Couch said...

kewler enuff to be a blogger

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